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“A thesis witch proves… I have it at the lip of my tongue… Communicate your massage… “
Errors like these are not detected by computer programs; they remain hidden and render texts
misleading or even unintelligible. Brainpower cannot be completely replaced by machines.
As a copy editor I have an abundance of experience in solving language related problems in German,
English and Hungarian.
My customers are students and companies who entrust me with improving their communications and
putting the finishing touches to their texts. Naturally, I always have their best interest at heart
while correcting the style, grammar or structure of their sentences.
I am looking forward to realising your ideas in a language that suits them best.



Proofreading is a thorough assessment and improvement of your grammar. I will correct your punctuation, detect misspellings and “false friends” (this is especially important for those who use English as a foreign language). Choose this option if you are sure that your text is sufficiently well structured, that your arguments are coherent and that your bibliography is as complete as can be.

Copy Editing

In addition to thorough proofreading, choose this option if your citations, your bibliography and the structure of your document need to be checked and/or improved. If necessary, I will also give you advice on additional books and articles to use in your essay. In any case, you will get a second opinion before your lecturers mark your essay.

Basic Text Construction

The deadline for your essay approaches at the speed of light; you have collected all the relevant materials but don’t know how to organize them; you have the feeling of drowning in unfinished thoughts and sentences? Don’t panic: contact WennText! I will help you to review and prioritise your sources, to outline the structure of your essay and I will be happy to talk with you about those unfinished thoughts.


Get in Touch

Choose the Contact link and you will find the best option to get in touch with me.
Please send your text as a .doc, a .docx, or an .odt file. If you are not yet ready to share your text, you might as well send me the number of characters (including spaces). If you have any guidelines to follow please attach them also. You should also include the submission deadline and one or two sentences about your thesis.
The proofreading of texts in other file formats is also possible. I also can give you the proofs in print or on the phone (of course only if the text is not too long).
Don’t hesitate to contact me; I will help you, as best as I can and to your best advantage.

Cost Estimate

The cost estimate is free of charge and non-binding.
The fee for the proofreading is based on the number of characters of your text. The cost estimate is made on the basis of standard pages, meaning 55 characters per line and 30 lines per page. Other factors are the language and the complexity of the text. In short: the more errors (unfinished sentences, incomplete quotations, incorrect references) the higher the fee. The good news is: there is a discount on the price per page depending on the length of your text. (The longer: the cheaper).
Texts are as unique as the people who write them. I always try to fix a price that you, as my customer, are happy with. You are welcome to make a reasonable offer and I am sure we will settle a price which suits us both.

Confirming Your Order

After having agreed on the price and the date of delivery of the proofreading, you will need to confirm your order in written form (an e-mail will do). At this stage you will have to give me your postal address and your phone number. All personal information about you and your text underlie strict data privacy obligations. Read more in the general terms and conditions of WennText.
Please do not plan a holiday while the proofreading process is going on; I usually have questions concerning your text therefore we will have to communicate in some way along the line.


You will receive the corrected text by the time appointed via email. (Delivery is also possible in print or via phone but comes along with additional costs.)
For the planning of your work schedule you must consider that you will not receive a print ready document (unless otherwise agreed) but one containing corrections and comments. You will need some time to integrate the suggested changes and give everything a careful final read-through..


The bill will be attached to the corrected text. Payment is expected in full within fourteen days upon receipt (unless otherwise agreed) via transfer to the named bank account. According to the German Value Added Tax Act §19 my prices are exclusive of VAT.