– German, English, Hungarian – in all possible combinations –

You surely have stumbled upon strange phrases or funny mistranslations
while travelling to other countries. Or you have purchased an electric device and had difficulties
understanding the user’s manual because it was rendered in a language which did at best resemble English.
These are examples, which clearly show that in addition to basic skills the translator has to carefully assess
the circumstances in which this special kind of communication takes place.

Translation is more than…

…flipping through dictionaries.

As a native speaker of Hungarian and German and as Magistra Artium in English Cultural and Literary Studies negotiating across language barriers is my second nature. I possess more than the ability to open a dictionary: I have a sense for the mood, the tone and the rhythm of three languages.

…blindly following the source text.

Some of your information might not be relevant for your foreign customers. We can sort out any irrelevant content before the translation begins, thus lowering the costs and bringing your core-message to the centre of attention.

…text: It is graphics as well.

Headlines in brochures, buttons on internet pages, charts and slogans are not only words: they are well thought-out interactive spaces in a text, made to attract attention. My translations are tailored to suit your graphic designs and visions. I will adjust the translated text to adapt its graphical appearance and will be happy to cooperate with your graphic designer, at your request.

…a one-off experience.

The various contents of your homepage or special offers should be available in any language you choose. Your Hungarian- and German-speaking clients and customers should be entitled to receive the same information as the English-speaking ones. I offer you attractive terms to keep your media permanently up-to-date in three languages to make it worth-while for your customers and clients to return.


– Get in Touch

Choose the Contact link and you will find the best option to get in touch with me.
Please send the text you need translated as a .doc, a .docx, an .odt or .pdf file. These file formats are necessary even if you want me to translate your homepage. The conversion of homepages to text files is time consuming and will be charged additionally.
If you already have relevant material in the target language (a presentation, a brochure or a list of translated technical or specialist terms) you should send them to me. This will make the translation process easier, faster and might reduce the fee.

– Cost Estimate

The cost estimate is free of charge and non-binding.
The translation fee is based on the number of standard lines (55 characters incl. spaces) in the target language. The cost estimate is made on the basis of the original text and may differ from the actual price to some degree. Other factors are the language and the complexity of the text.
Texts are as unique as the people who write them. I always try to fix a price that you, as my customer, are happy with. You are welcome to make a reasonable offer and I am sure we will settle a price which suits us both.

– Confirming Your Order

After having agreed on the price and the date of delivery of the translation, you will need to confirm your order in written form (an e-mail will do). At this stage you will have to give me your postal address and your phone number. All personal information about you and your text underlie strict data privacy obligations. Read more in the general terms and conditions of WennText.
Please do not plan a holiday while the translating process is going on; I usually have questions concerning your text; therefore we will have to communicate in some way along the line.

– Delivery

You will receive the translated text by the time appointed via email. (Delivery is also possible in print or via phone but comes along with additional costs.)

– Billing

The bill will be attached to the translated text. Payment is expected in full within fourteen days upon receipt (unless otherwise agreed) via transfer to the named bank account.