– German, English, Hungarian – original – professional – custom-tailored –

Your company, your business, your products… You are an expert in your field of work
but putting your most important messages in writing is not an easy task. To sort through
important information, to formulate catchy phrases, to give your business or project the best
appearance in written form and the attention it deserves is my job as a copywriter.
Whether on paper, on a poster or on the internet: I offer you my help to put you into the spotlight
because that is where you belong!


In Close Cooperation

To give your company and your products the best possible public presentation, it is absolutely necessary that we meet and take the time needed for you to describe your business, your motivation and your target customers. Thus I will be able to put your enthusiasm, your conviction and your message into the right words.

Text and Graphics

…belong together. Headlines in brochures, buttons on internet pages, charts and slogans are not simply words: they are designed spaces in a text, made to attract attention. A good and catchy text is written accordingly. I will gladly incorporate your graphic designer’s ideas of how texts should appear.

In Three Languages

Be ready to enter the international stage! To have all your media ready for distribution in three languages at the same time, will increase your success. I will write your text in Hungarian, German and English so you won’t need to spend time and money on an additional translation.


– Informational Interview

We will have to get to know each other on an informal level, before we can start to give your business the best appearance in written form. A meeting in person is the best way to achieve this. In my experience one hour suffices to determine which media are best suited, which core messages should be transported and how to approach your customers. Via this guided interview I will also be able to discern your language, your favourite phrases and will be able to write a text which could have been written by you.

– Cost Estimate

The cost estimate is free of charge and non-binding.
After having found out on which scale and in which language you want to approach your customers and clients the time needed for writing your text will become apparent. The fee is set on the basis of hours (60 minutes) or per diem rate. You can reduce the costs and the time needed for research by giving me any written material (graphics, brochures, charts, drafts) you have already created.
Texts are as unique as the people who write them. I always try to fix a price that you, as my customer, are happy with. You are welcome to make a reasonable offer and I am sure we will settle a price which suits us both.

– Confirming Your Order

After having agreed on the price and the date of delivery, you will need to confirm your order in written form (an e-mail will do). At this stage you will have to give me your postal address and your phone number. All personal information about you and your text underlie strict data privacy obligations. Read more in the general terms and conditions of WennText.
Please do not plan a holiday while the writing process is going on; I usually have questions concerning your text; therefore we will have to communicate in some way along the line.

– Delivery

You will receive the text by the time appointed via email. (Delivery is also possible in print but comes along with additional costs.)

– Billing

The bill will be attached to the text. Payment is expected in full within fourteen days upon receipt (unless otherwise agreed) via transfer to the named bank account. According to the German Value Added Tax Act §19 my prices are exclusive of VAT.